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Baby Food


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Baby Food

The Bumbles baby food range has been carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies of specific ages ensuring that taste and texture is introduced correctly at each vital stage.

  • “Infant grade” ingredients
  • Unsalted and unsweetened baby food purées
  • Freshest and purest, nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables
  • No GM or artificial ingredients
  • No thickeners or fillers
  • No use of concentrates
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Preservative-free baby food purées

Recent Review



Bought it once and my toddler didn't not like it, he spat it out. Didn't try it again. Too pricey as well



Never had this before but I think my little niece would love this♥most babies do



We would love it if it was Halaal. That's the only downfall as we can only get the vegetarian options.



Variety of flavors. My son loves it



My little girl loves the food... She is such a fussy baby when it comes to food and this range has proved to be a favourite. It is pricey though.



So healthy and yummy, baby loves it, just a bit pricy though...



My 9month old son loves his brambles!!! They make it so easy for him to eat something on the go as I wasn’t keen on prepackaged food (there are so many unnecessary ingredients in other brands) but when I came across this product I was happy to feed him this.



Variety of flavours to choose from, and easy for toddler to consume and self help



My 9 month old loves the bumbles range. Devours the sachet. I love that there's no nonsense ingredients. It's unsalted and unsweetened. Quick and easy, nutritious food. What more could a mom ask for?



I love that bumbles uses no funny ingredients - the chart at the back also makes it so easy to understand what exactly is in their pouches. When I am unable to provide home-made food, this

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