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Baby carriers and slings

This wrap allows you to carry your newborn in the same position they have assumed in the womb, making it easy for eye contact to bond with your new loved one.


  • The rocking soft, snug feeling of the wrap and the sounds of mom’s heartbeat and voice helps calm the baby.
  • This premium product is made from a high-quality material blend of cotton and spandex that allows for elasticity, shock absorption and comfort.
  • The wrap has a single layer of material to make the sling breathable and prevents the infant from overheating.

Recent Review



Material is super soft and is super long which is great for all size mama’s! Comes with an instruction booklet that is a little hard to understand. Definitely takes a few tries to get the wrapping right but once you know how it’s the perfect way to keep baby close to you and have a bit of hands free while baby catches some sleep!



I love how close to my heart (literally) my baby is when I carry her with this wrap. I can also feed her on the go. The material is super soft as well.



Wonderful wrap. Fits a plus sized mama. Nice to keep baby close and comfortable even after a c section. Soothes baby.



Comfortable wrap, for first time wrapper it takes some time to get used to it but it’s plain sailing from there on out.



Apart from being a baby wrap, I used it to bind my belly after the birth of my son. I wrapped it tightly around my abdominal area and saw results!



The best baby wrap. I fell in love with babywearing after having used this baby wrap. I like how stretchy the material is and that I can customize it to wear it in any way I want to. The Best Thing!



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