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Comfort diapers


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New and improved Cuddlers comfort. The great absorbency and protection that you expect are complimented by the stretchy sides for great fit  and a softer outer cover for super comfort.

Recent Review



I received a few packets as a gift, I thought I liked it until my Daughter had a poo and then I was not happy as it leaked. It was only fine for us for the wee diapers.



Was not a fan, bought is because it was cheaper.



Got "full" to quickly. Not our brand.



I did not enjoy using this as I did not find them too absorbant.



Not a huge fan of cuddlers. I got some for babyshower and used them but not as good as i expected.



I received some Cuddlers in the bag my Medical Aid sent me, and I wasn't happy with them at all. Low quality nappies.



I've used these a bunch of times just to try it out. They have excellent customer service and d nappies were quite good.



Used this brand 5 years ago on my daughter loved it. Also great nenew packaging design



I used these on Ben from around 2 years and they were fine. Not necessarily as premium as other brands but do the job.



I used cuddlers for my big son till he was 4 years, and I had no issues, we wore struggling at that time and we couldn't afford pampers and cuddles was our next option, so I would definitely suggest that mom's that can't afford the other brands should use cuddlers, these nappies are great. 😊🙌



When we tried it a few years back, we found that it was too harch on babies bottoms and breaks easily and does not absorb well



This is a poor quality nappy, it sits terribly, the material is harsh and the straps break off when you pull it on.



Unfortunately not for me.. I felt the Cuddlers left residue on baby. Gets heavy a lot quicker than other good brands. Maybe you can use these for training your bubs on how to use the loo.

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