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Incredibles 2 Action figures


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Interactive Mrs. Incredible with over 25 sayings and sound effects. Press her chest logo for stand-alone talk mode with voice and sound effects. Stretch her arms and she reacts! stretch and hold her arms for super-stretching reactions! The Incredibles Mr Incredible Talking Action Figure Press chest logo for stand-alone Talk Mode with voice and sound effects. Pull his right arm back and release. The arm swings back with sound effects. Pull his right leg back and release. It kicks back with sound effects. Rotate waist and release for massive sound effects payoff. Press back button for additional sayings and multi-hero Interactive Mode for interactive conversation. Bonus: Recognizes and interacts with other “Incredibles 2” Talking Action Figures from Think way Toys (each available separately). Collect all 5 superheroes for an incredible 26 play combinations.

Age Groups:
2-3 years
4-5 years
6-7 years

Well we had the movie.. Which played over 3 times per day (my boys love them).. So hubby decided to purchase Mr Incredible. Purchased it on special at R699.. However it is expensive and needs to be monitored with your child so that they don't break it.. Cool sound effects of the police siren, Mr Incredibles lines.. Apparently it also interacts with the other family member action figurines.. But we'll find out when we purchase more

Posted 5 years ago

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