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Baby Food

At Kiddylicious we are proud of our range, we take the finest ingredients and create delicious snacks for little ones. Wherever possible, our snacks only contain the sugar that is naturally present in the fruits and vegetables which they are made from.

Our Baked Mini Banana Coconut Rolls are perfect for little ones exploring new tastes. Tube shaped with a hollow centre, they’re great for helping little hands develop their pincer grip. Made with fresh coconut milk and with a hint of Banana, they are gently baked to give a light, crispy texture which grown-ups will love almost as much as the kids.

  • No Gluten
  • No Milk
  • No Nuts
  • No Colourants
  • No Preservatives

Recent Review


leigh anne

My granddaughter loves this product. Healthy and tasty



A delicious snack that my little one loves! The fact that these are free from nasties and filled with nutritious ingredients is a bonus for moms.



Very delicious snack. My little one enjoys it very much



We absolutely love these! They are so delicious that I think the parents enjoy them more than the kids! Even if they are a tad pricier they are worth every cent and make the perfect sweet snack!



I am always on the lookout for yummy snacks for my little one, we love the Kiddylicious range. Abit pricey compared to other snacks but worth it



Our LO (little one) is very picky when it comes to eating veggies and fruits, but when it comes to Kiddylicious snacks she loves them. And plus they are the perfect go to snack for trips.



Oh how my little girl loves these snacks. From these delicious rolls, the veggie straws to the amazing wafer biscuits. My daughter loves them all. Great brand with so much of variety.



My son really enjoys these and they are the perfect size for his little hands and perfect for baby led weaning



Perfect snack on the go! Keeps my little one busy for those moments that we just need to distract them.



Got this last week while out in the mall and my daughter loved it she fed me one and I enjoyed it more than she did 😂😂Very creamy and I love the fact that there's no added preservatives and colourants. Will definitely try out different products of the range



A tad expensive.. However my sons love the taste.. So I get it as a treat for them.. Do something good and they receive some



Healthy snack but its a bit expensive.



Awesome product that is easy for the little one to eat and nice way to introduce food and snacking to baby’s.



Taste really good and healthy..



I loved these more than my son did



These are so tasty... I eat them before my kids get to them 😂



My daughter loves the wafers - good snack option



Ben enjoyed these. I find them a bit pricey but they are tasty and convenient.



When we first discovered these we were a bit skeptical regarding the taste but my daughter loves it. The little trays that it comes in helps minimize mess and you can give it to them anywhere.



These little finger food packs came in so handy when I was out in the mall and needed to give little one a snack. He loved the rolls, aswell as other products in this range. I had so much pea

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